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Read what customers are saying about Oak Creek Hemp Company products and services!


Love their products!!!  Prices are great!! I honestly haven't found anything better than this product!  Helps me with my pain that I have! Medication doesn't even help! Thank you for this wonderful stuff.

Lisa G.

Barbara H.

"Aside from the products being outstanding their knowledge of the products, how and what can help you, either quick response and friendliness is second to none.  They have a great source of knowledge and comfort."

Diana S.

"The cooling salve has helped me to sleep better.  I put it on my arthritic feet and hands and knees, and it eases the pain."

Jodi H.

"Owner is very knowledgeable!  Customer service is exceptional.  I love "The Back 9." Best value for high quality product."

Josephine C.


Denise N.

"I purchased the roll on and it is AMAZING!!! I am 2 months into recovery from a total knee replacement and this product works wonderfully on lingering thigh pain!!!."


“It really helps my restless legs.”

Maddie P.

“Only need a quarter of a gummy and it puts me right to sleep!  I don't feel groggy or drowsy when I wake."

Susan S.

"I love that the product helps with pain relief and muscle spasms and stress and sleep!"

Janice R.

“Could see immediate results after first use.”

Rose W.

“Excellent!  Love these just before bed to relax my entire body."

William F.

"Highly recommend!  It works, I finally have relief!"

Denise N.

“I was so happy with the results of the product I ordered.  Works fantastic on my leg pain!”

Rose W.

“Very helpful and listen to your needs."

Denise N.

"I purchased the roll on and it is AMAZING!! I am 2 months into recovery from a total knee replacement and this product works wonderfully on lingering thigh pain!!!."

Carrie S.

“Love these gummies!  Fast delivery.  Awesome quality..”


“First time I tried any kind of topical to help with my foot pain which is normally almost unbearable. I typically walk around with a pocket full of Acetaminophen, Naproxen and ibuprofen. I just rubbed a tiny amount on my foot and a few moments later the foot pain was gone. I can't thank you enough!"

Brenda R.

"This company is so amazing! I was visiting Oak Creek from Georgia with family and we went to an outdoor venue and purchased some products. Came home and ordered more and this company is awesome! I can’t stress enough about customer service. The were so accommodating and solving any issues…I recommend this company to everyone! Thank you Susan for everything."

Troy D.

“Look to this family owned business for all of your CBD needs.”

Janet S.

“Great products that work and reduce the need for NSAIDS. I use the cooling balm to reduce foot and ankle pain. My husband uses the roll on for lower back pain and the dogs use the paw balm. When we don't use them, we definitely notice a difference. Love the lip balm too. If you are a little leary of ingesting CBD, definitely try the topicals."

Kimberly N.

"Oak Creek Hemp Co. is great. Everything from the product to the customer service is on point. I first encountered the company at a Christmas Fair and met the owners. Great people! I was given a couple of samples to try and purchased CBD oil that the family already used. Since we live locally, we can use the friends/family pickup and it receive it right away. They even go above and beyond to do a door drop off. I will continue buying their product! Highly recommend the pet oils."

Donna F.

“Oak Creek Hemp has been an amazing company for my whole family! I love the berry flavored CBD oil, I take it every day and have noticed a wonderful difference. My husband loves their full spectrum gummies - he takes them every night to help him sleep and he has never slept better! My dog even takes the salmon flavored CBD oil and has made car rides much more relaxing for everyone.”

Aaron G.

“Awesome customer service with a smile! I’ve been taking CBD gummy‘s and they have brought my stress and anxiety down. I highly recommend this product. Thank you Oak creek Hemp Company 👍🏼."

Becca T.

"Great customer service, very friendly and affordable! One day of taking my gummies and I can already tell the difference! Highly recommended!"

Ellen C.

“My husband has had several unsuccessful rotator cuff surgeries on both shoulders. Prescription and over the counter medications have not helped his pain. The HOT ICE MUSCLE & JOINT ROLL ON has given him pain relief. He is very pleased with this product and plans to continue its use. Thank you..”

Michael G.

“I use the gummy’s for a good nights sleep. One near bedtime and I start drifting off. I used to have a hard time going to sleep at night. This really helps."

Emily S.

"Can you tell I am in love with their products! This is just a few of what I have. My favorites are for sure the vegan gummies. They taste pure and natural. The unflavored CBD oil is great too. I love the taste of hemp, theirs doesn’t have any nasty aftertaste. Cotton candy and root beer are my sons favorite lip balm flavors. He has chapped lips all year…. Now that he uses these, no more dry lips.My next favorite is the CBD lotion. I use it on my face morning and night. I use a light amount in morning so my naturally oily skin doesn’t get more oily, but what I learned is it balances my skin and I am not dealing with mid day over oil shine. I also use it in my elbows, knees and feet. In winter it’s great on my dry patches.Then my favorite for pain and probably the best relief I ever had from a rub on…. The CBD roll on is out of this world. Random hip pain, gone in 10 mins. My pain from an old shoulder surgery, great relief. The balm version is just as good without the icy part and has a clean smell.So glad I found this local, family own company. I get products at farmers markets, their online store and even Amazon.."

Janice R.

“Could see immediate results after first use..”

Jessica L.

“Thank you, Jessica! We appreciate you taking the time to drop us a Lin."

Denisse N.

"I was so happy with the results of the product I ordered. Works fantastic on my leg pain!"

Bonnie K.


Janice R.

“Fantastic! CBD Muscle & Joint Roll On works quickly. It’s an amazing product!"

Amanda O.

"Highly recommended!"

Josephine C.

“Fantastic! Everything.”
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